How to set up GitLab at RWTH-Aachen

This article describes the steps for using the GitLab , that is hosted by the RWTH Aachen and is accessible at

You need access rights to use the GitLab hosted at RWTH Aachen.

Set up your account at GitLab@RWTH Aachen

Enable the Shibboleth auth for DFN-AAI

Therefore go to:
Click on Zustimmungen in the left menu. Then click on Zustimmungen on the right. Thereafter enable / check your Zustimmung to the DFN-AAI / Shibboleth.
More information (apparently German version only):

Login to the Gitlab web interface

Go to and click sign-in with Shibboleth. Find your institution: start typing ‘Darmstadt’ in the drop-down to filter the list. Accept the Datenschutzinformationen.

On the top right, click on the profile picture. Whatever is written after the ‘@’ is you username. Mine, for example, is @jan.lehr.

Complete your account setup

Now, click on Password in the menu to the left. Set your password. This password is the git password, i.e, whenever you pull or push from the repository you need this password. For using the web interface, you use your ‘TU ID’.

If you are going to use git on a regular basis, continue with installing git and configuring it to push and pull password-less just with git pull or git push.

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