How to close a merge request in GitLab

You need at least reporter role in the GitLab project to be able to see the list of merge requests (MRs) and at least developer role to be able to open a MR and at least owner role to delete a MR.

This article is only applicable if there is an open Merge Request (MR) . See our previous articles about opening a MR and discussing a MR.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Make sure all threads are resolved in the discussion regarding your Merge Request (MR) .
    See our article on discussing MRs.

    The ‘Overview’ page (1) there should be no unresolved threads (2): MR unresolved thread

  2. You can review all the changes to merge.
    Therefore go the the ‘Changes’ page of the MR.

  3. Once you are satisfied, click Mark as ready (3) or edit the MR (3) and remove Draft: or WIP: from the title.

  4. Close the MR by merging it.
    All threads have been resolved (1) and the MR has been marked as ready (2). Now Merge (3) is available. When in the workflow you don’t need the branch anymore, leave the Delete source branch checkbox activated. This will be the case for feature-branches.
    This step integrates the changes in the MR into the target branch (most likely ‘master’).

    MR ready to merge

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