Linux / Shell

Besides graphical user input, Linux systems like Ubuntu and Arch generally are meant to work with command line inputs. This input is written in shell -language.

Find here some references to general documentations.

General documentation

Short documentation

You can use e.g.

man cp

to display the man pages of cp. An alternative is to install tldr and look up information from their pages.

If your are using a dedicated programm, it might have some built-in syntax like e.g.

git help commit

additional of course to its official documentation.

Detailed documentations

Detailed information (german only) can be found in the ubuntuusers-wiki.

We also like to use the archlinux-wiki. This is usually very detailed and might be more suited for advanced users.

Dealing with problems

We can not cover all problems in this Knowledge Base. But we can point you to your favorite search engine and this might bring you to pages like stackoverflow.