Git / GitLab


git is a version control system and a program, that lets you track your code in terms of versions. Or basically any other (text-)files.

We have described important commands and a workflow appropriate for many scientific workflows in our guide.
You can find a detailed documentation of git commands in the Git book.

You can find tutorials e.g. here:


GitLab is a collaboration platform based on git for software development. There is a public instance and private ones like that one this website is running on: Other popular platforms are GitHub and BitBucket.

The general documentation can be found at
This Knowledge Base is hosted not on the public GitLab instance but on an instance for german researchers: You can find the help at

Within NFDI4Ing we also offer workshops for git/GitLab. You can access the materials at You can find a past event here. Upcoming events are going to be announced at

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