Getting started

This knowledge base is based on A workflow for increasing the quality of scientific software (Maric, Lehr et al.; to be published), a paper that originated from the work at the SFB1194 at TU Darmstadt. See our section in literature.

Overview workflow elements

The articles herein are equipped with tags to help find them as well as they are categorized and chapterized according to the sectioning of aforementioned paper, from which this figure is as well. It therefore is recommended to read this paper carefully and to try to follow this knowledge base when implementing these processes.

Minimum workflow

The minimum workflow contains the elements:

  • version control
    To keep an overview over your (software) versions and to collaborate with others a Version Control System (VCS) is a must in any (sofware) project.
    Version control guide
  • build system
    A build system handles software dependencies and makes your software platform-independent. Use e.g. cmake or wmake. Also see chapter 2.2 Build system
  • cross-linking (in minimum workflow flavour)
    Connect your published evaluation data, code and papers with PID ´s and git tags .
    Cross-linking guide
  • issue tracking (in minimum workflow flavour)
    use the kanban system with tasks in the stati ‘To Do’, ‘In Progress’, ‘Done’

Full workflow

The full workflow adds different techniques to the minimum workflow, that can be implemented partially or over time:

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